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Service Terms


Client undertakes to make payment of the negotiated and agreed Fees for Services charged by AbacusHKCPA upon Client receiving an invoice from AbacusHKCPA for the same. Fees are as stated in AbacusHKCPA’s published Fee Schedule, which is subject to change from time to time.
Client undertakes to pay AbacusHKCPA in advance all Direct Costs, government duties, license fees or government fees of any nature relating to the Company. AbacusHKCPA will not be liable for any penalties, fines or other liabilities incurred by the Client or by the Company and the Client accepts full responsibility to pay these and indemnify AbacusHKCPA against any liability in respect of the same.
In the event Client fails to settle immediately the invoices issued by AbacusHKCPA, then Client authorizes AbacusHKCPA to deduct the Fees, Direct Costs and other fees from any account or funds under the control of AbacusHKCPA that belong to the Client.
If Client does not require the Services provided by AbacusHKCPA, then Client shall advise AbacusHKCPA accordingly within thirty days of receipt of AbacusHKCPA’s invoice for the forthcoming year’s Services. If Client fails to notify AbacusHKCPA within the relevant thirty days, then Client shall be deemed to have agreed to pay AbacusHKCPA’s invoice for the Services in full.
AbacusHKCPA will not refund monies paid for Services (regardless of the specified term of the relevant service). AbacusHKCPA reserves the right not to provide Services or to act on Client's instructions. If AbacusHKCPA ceases to provide Services or ceases to act for any reason whatever, AbacusHKCPA will not refund monies paid for the same.
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