AbacusHKCPA - Company Formation and Company Registration by Hong Kong Accountants (HKCPA)

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Certified Public Accountants
AbacusHKcpa - Company Formation and Company Registration by Hong Kong Accountants (CPA)
We are Professional Qualification Accountants in Hong Kong
Whether it's a new company formation, existing company licence
maintenance, accounting, auditing or offshore tax planning you need.
Abacus CPA can help.
We focus to serve SME (small and medium enterprise), so we understand most client does not have accounting training, and even no accounting staff.
We give guidance to client, making accounting, auditing, tax filing and tax exemption a easy work.
SME is our focus client segment which is also our direction of fee quotation.
Professional and sizable background :
Our group consists of professional accountant firm and company secretary service firm to provide one-stop service in Hong Kong and China.
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Operating outside Hong Kong.
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AbacusHKCPA - Certified Public Accountants base in Hong Kong (HK) - ACCA, HKICPA, providing services of

company formation, financial management, business advisory, accounting and auditing.